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Reality TV/Unscripted

The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers

A six part multi camera docu drama for Oxygen produced by NBC Peacock.  I worked on the last four episodes including this scene about Melody Lake.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

An unscripted edited for A&E. Shot with multi camera, this particular Episode was made into two 45 minute shows and featured as a "Special".

Dog The Bounty Hunter - Million Dollar Man for web from Susan Graef on Vimeo.


Dog and his family pursue a fugitive whose bond is at 1 million dollars. With so much money at stake, and a nervous friend and fellow bondman to help lure in the fugitive, there is a lot at stake. It takes an elaborate trap to ensnare this unpredictable and potential dangerous "1 Million Dollar Man".

Border Wars

"Contraband Cargo" is one of six Border War episodes edited by Susan Graef.