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"Puccini" was the kind of fresh movie that continues to justify Sundance, even as commercialism continued to besiege this bastion of independent film during the festival's 25th anniversay edition."

Lou Lumenick NYPOST

"Snappy repartee with the ring of real conversation...It captures the neurotic self-absorption of a class of academic and literary New Yorkers...compared with these intellectually refined people, the characters in "Will & Grace" and "Sex and the City" are crude, materialistic boors. It all looks easy when it's carried off this smoothly."

Stephen Holden TheNewYorkTimes "

mylifesinturn-case.jpg"My Life's In Turnaround" is, in short, a delight..."

John Anderson VillageVoice

"Laugh Out Loud Funny"

NewYorkPost "Best New York Film" NYPress Best of Manhattan Readers Poll

"I laughed a lot more during this film than during any of this year's so-called comedies out of Hollywood...none match the level of constant hilarity attained by My Life's in Turnaround. From wit to zaniness, the movie spans the comic spectrum, with few -- if any -- of its jokes falling flat."

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"... “The Philanthropist” an unusual and exhilarating network series."